Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm back... and I brought guests


Guess who.

You probably thought I fell off the face of the earth. 

And I'll understand if you want to be all passive aggressive and not read my posts because I've treated you so badly these last few several months. 

But I've had a lot going on.  A lot.

Exciting stuff.  A lot of not so exciting stuff.  Some sad stuff.  Adventures.  Big adventures.

And a couple of new additions to the family:

Meet Fred (calico) and George.  I've been talking about getting a guinea pig for a while.  We had a lot of guinea pigs when I was a kid.

Which is what happens when the boy guinea pig escapes his cage and cuddles up to the girl guinea pig...

And I thought Winston would like a guinea pig.

Correction:  I knew Winston would love a a guinea pig (in a hopefully non-"get in my belly" kind of way).

And then the week before my birthday, I got a flier from PetSmart in the mail....

And they were going to have a sale on guinea pigs the day after my birthday!!

It was a sign.

But our local PetSmart did not have any calico guinea pigs.  And I really wanted a calico piggie. 

So I called the PetSmart in the town just north of me, and they had lots of calico piggies!  So that Saturday, I loaded Winston in the car, and we headed to PetSmart.

I will admit, I had my doubts as to how I'd be able to handle looking at piggies and keeping a rein on Winston at the same time.  I thought he'd go nuts over them.  But it turns out, he was too busy catering to his admiring fans to even wonder what I was doing.

As I stood there watching the piggies huddled together in groups, I started to worry that one piggie would be lonely.  Even with Winston to "keep him company."

So I asked the guinea pig lady if they were social animals who prefer to live in packs. 

And not so shockingly, they do.  She recommended getting at least two.


Then, of course, I needed all the accoutrements. 

I had purchased a cage with water bottle and food dish, bedding, etc.  But they needed food and hay and snacks.

She put my piggies in a box, and I fretted the entire way home over their confinement, wishing I had had the foresight to set up their cage before I left.

When we got home, I set up their cage and got them settled...

Then I immediately pulled them out to "play" and introduce them to Winston.

"Play" is in quotation marks because they were too terrified to do anything more than sit, petrified, in my hands.

They didn't seem to be too bothered by Winston though.  And he, of course, loved them.

Pictures were taken and sent.  Piggies were settled in their cage to adjust to their new home.

Then the anxiety set in.

How long would it take them to adjust?  What foods can I feed them?  How much should I feed them?  Am I feeding them too much?  What if I don't feed them enough?

OMG I can't take the pressure!

I googled... and googled... and googled.

My food questions were answered. 

For the most part.  I still wonder if I'm feeding them too much, but I now know what to feed them and how often they can have it.

But then a new worry started.

The cage I bought is barely big enough for one guinea pig... and I have two.

So new searches were done.  I was slightly amazed at how much information is available for guinea pigs.  When we had them as kids, they weren't as popular as gerbils or hamsters, so I was surprised to see the all the guinea pig forums.

And they all agree on the minimum cage size for guinea pigs.

Which I'm not even close to.

So then I had a new worry to obsess over.

And obsess I did. 

Every time I saw them in their too small cage, my anxiety level would rise.

I googled cages on line, and it was clear a store bought cage would not provide the required space.  There are a few sites that sell cages made out of coroplast (it's the stuff used to make those polotical signs you see around election time) and wire shelving.  They're called C&C cages.

And obviously, that's what I needed. 

Except they cost a fortune.  And on top of that, the shipping is around $30+.  AND they ship it to you in pieces, so you have to put it together yourself.

Why would I spend so much money on a cage that I have to build???  I can just buy the components and build it myself, and it would be much cheaper.

So a new search began.  A search to find the best deal on the supplies I would need to build this cage.

And after that decision was made, then I had to find space in my house for this guinea pig mansion.

Turns out the only surface in my house big enough for this creation is the dining room table... and no.  Just no.

Which lead to more brainstorming.  So I texted Dad about building a table for the guinea pig cage.

He's looking into that one as I type this. 

And hopefully, I'll have all the supplies I need to build the cage itself by the weekend.  I currently have one set of the wire shelves I need.  Mom bought the last set at Bed Bath & Beyond last night. 

When I called to see if she'd found them, she asked me what I was planning on doing with them.

Me:  I'm building a cage for the piggies.
Mom:  You're building a guinea pig cage...
Me:  Yes.  I can do it.  I watched a youtube video.
Mom:  Ooo-kay.

I can do this.  I can...

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  1. I'm not a big "rodents in the house" person (haha), but they are pretty cute! Hubby didn't have cats or dogs as a kid, but he always had guinea pigs. He loves them. I expect one day we'll end up with a set...



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