Thursday, May 30, 2013

Move over Martha Stewart

Let me preface this post by saying this is not a craft blog.


But it is my blog.  So it's a post whatever I want blog.

And the other day, I got this wild hair to make a wreath for my front door.

I have a storm door in the front, and my house faces east.  So basically, my front door gets the full brunt of the sun all morning.  And it gets mighty hot.

Which means any wreaths either end up looking like a sad, wilted mess as the plastic pieces melt and droop, or they start molting as whatever glue is holding them together liquifies and pieces start falling off like it's suffering from some kind of weird wreath leprosy. 

So I really wanted a non-leper wreath for my front door.  Like one of those big, fluffy ribbon wreaths.

I can do this.  Pinterest can teach me how to do it.

Except Pinterest was less than helpful on this one.  A search of ribbon wreaths got me a lot of pins for pre-made wreaths that you can buy (no thanks), those wreaths where you tie strips of ribbon around a wreath form (wtf... ain't nobody got time for that), and some wreaths that involved pages of instructions, more components than I can count on both hands, and sewing (see the aforementioned "ain't nobody got time for that" + throw in a little "Sewing?? I don't know how to sew.").

So I moved on to Google.  Who was infinitely more helpful and provided a link to a tutorial on making a ribbon wreath.  Which I pinned for future reference.  Although really after reading through it, I was good to go.  But obviously, there's a need for good ribbon wreath tutorials on Pinterest.

But man, it sounded so easy.  Wire hanger?  Check.  I have a closer full of empty hangers.  No lie.  I should probably start returning them to the dry cleaners for re-use, but I just collect them in the closet in the spare room.

I had tape.  I had pliers.  All I needed was the ribbon.  So Saturday I made a Hobby Lobby run.

And wouldn't you know, all their ribbon was half off! ... I may have gotten a little out of control. 

But hello!  It was on sale!

Unlike the tutorial though, I decided I didn't want to tape my ribbon sections to the hanger.  Because really, that's obnoxious.  And takes a lot of tape.  And I need to save that stuff up for wrapping Christmas gifts and stuff.  You know?

So while I was in Hobby Lobby, I bought some floral wire, too.

When I arrived home, I grabbed my wire hanger, set out my supplies and set to work.

Step 1: Form hanger into a circle.  Easy peasy.  Well, not as easy as you'd think.  It takes some molding to get it into a (reasonably) perfect circle.  Now in the tutorial, she cut off the actual hanger part of the hanger.  But really, why would you do that??? You're going to hang the wreath.  Doesn't it make sense to leave it on?  So I did. 

Step 2:  Go ahead and cut several pieces of floral wire.  The length depends on the thickness of your ribbon.  I layered three pretty thick ribbons, so I needed some long pieces of floral wire.  About 5 inches.  I made another wreath with much thinner ribbon, and I only needed about 3 inches.

Step 3:  I used three different sizes of ribbon with varying widths, and I layered them with the widest at the back and the thinnest in front.  Scrunch together the end of your ribbon and secure it with a piece of floral wire right under the hook on your hanger, twisting the wire tightly together in the back.

Step 4:  Measure out several inches of your ribbons.  The length of your ribbon sections determines how "poufy" your wreath will be.  I used approximately 7" sections (bear in mind that you will need a lot of ribbon to make this wreath- my spools were each 15 yards).  When you have the length you want, scrunch the ribbon together, secure it to the hanger with a piece of wire, and push it over to toward the beginning of your wreath to make it pouf out.

Step 5:  Repeat step 4 until you reach the end of your hanger.  Secure end of ribbon to hanger with floral wire.  If you would like, you can wrap the hook of your hanger with the ends of the ribbon to hide it.  Or your ribbon may be poufy enough to hide it regardless.

Now I thought I was done at this point.  But it turns out that no matter how tightly you twist that floral wire, it's going to slide around on your hanger.  I thought about possible solutions for a few minutes, and the easiest was definitely my hot glue gun.

But wait!  You're saying.  You wanted a non-glued wreath!

Yes.  You are correct.  But it was late.  And that was the best idea I had at the time.  But it's okay because I wasn't gluing pieces to the wreath that would fall off when the glue softens.  I just needed something to hold my wire where I wanted it.


Step 6:  Arrange your wreath the way you want it to look in the front.  Carefully flip it over so the back side is face up on a table.  Place a small dot of glue over the floral wire so it adheres to the hanger.  (Tip:  Don't touch hot glue.  It'll be dry when it's dry.  It doesn't care if you're impatient and will burn the freaking hell out of your hand.)

Step 7: Post picture to Facebook to impress all your friends.


  1. I really like the colors you chose. Very fun and happy.

    1. Thanks! It makes me happy to see it on my door.


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