Friday, May 31, 2013

I See You

Like the rest of the population, I live for Fridays.  I love knowing that I have two days where I can lock away all the work bullshit in a box.

But today, my Friday afternoon glee is missing.  Crushed by the weight of my heavy heart. 

Instead of the "Happy Friday" celebratory posts that usually fill my Facebook page, today I have been inundated with news stories about vicious acts of animal cruelty.

Tortures.  Mutilations.

In the town just south of mine, two puppies were found, separately.  Both had been viciously slashed.  One puppy, estimated to be only 5-6 months old, was discovered when he walked up to a father and son. 

He had been cut so deeply his organs had been damaged.  And though he must have thought he was finally being saved, his injuries were so severe, he was euthanized. 

A puppy.

It is unfathomable to me.

I cannot understand why anyone would purposefully injure an animal.  And obviously enjoy doing so. 

About a month ago, a man in southern West Virginia was found guilty of numerous counts of animal cruelty.  He tortured countless animals.  Not just killed them.  Tortured them.  In ways I will not describe to you.  Because just thinking about it makes me vomit. 

Almost a year ago, now, I was introduced to Towpath  A puppy found on the C&O Canal.  Horribly injured.  The victim of obvious, but unknown, cruelty.  He was found by good people.  People who refused to give up on him.  And now he's a happy, wiggly puppy.

But his people still wonder what happened to him.

Someone knows what happened.

Someone knows what happened to those puppies who were cut.

Someone knew that guy was torturing animals.

But no one said anything. 

People who torture and abuse animals do it because they enjoy it.  It makes them feel powerful.

And they don't always do it in secret.  Because having someone else know what they do makes them feel even more powerful.

But still no one says anything.

I am often assaulted by my thoughts of all the animals who are being tortured and abused at any given time.  Suffering in ways I don't even want to imagine.

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep.

The only small comfort I have is to make a difference when I can.  If I see you abusing an animal, I will not be silent.  If I see you mistreating an animal, I will not be silent.  I will be vocal, and I will be loud.  Until you are stopped.

I understand that people stay silent for many reasons.  Some just don't care.  "It's just an animal," they think.

Some are afraid.  Afraid of the perpetrator.

And I get it.  I do.

But as afraid as I may be of you, I am more afraid of what you will do to even more animals if I don't do something.

So I'm watching you. 

I see you.

And I will not be silent.


  1. So heartbreaking... it's hard sometimes to speak up about this kind of thing if it hurts you so much to even think about it.

    1. What hurts me more is the thought of all the animals who don't have anyone to speak up for them.

      A few months ago, I had an altercation with a wanna be thug in the grocery store parking lot. His dog made him mad (she wasn't being bad, she was just excited and rambunctious), and to punish her, he was jerking her around and then he threw her in the car. I heard her yelp across the parking lot. So I marched across the parking lot in my dress and heels to face him down in all his thug life bad boy glory. Sometimes, all it takes is for people to know that others are watching them.


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